Bottle of Flower and Bone Constant Gardener Vulvar Oil

constant gardener vulvar oil: why i made it and why it's different

April 21, 20224 min read

Because no one wants a sad vag. Am I right? I can’t think of anything more irritating or debilitating for us ladies than having our downstairs be cranky. 

Because there was not one single lube that wasn’t also ok for our precious microbes down there. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I really was. I was shaking my head going, seriously? Has no one thought about the aftermath of using lube? Wow. 

Because there are MANY MANY studies just on Lavender alone, that it helps to get rid of yeast infections better than chemical counterparts (Behmanesh, et al, 2015)

bottle of Flower and Bone Constant Gardener Vulvar Oil

After the initial shock wore off, that not one single person/company seemed to even considered what lube does to the feminine parts, I was determined to create something that, once again, you could put inside your mouth. Why? Because this product is literally going inside you. Why couldn’t we also have a product that was restorative and regenerative to the tissues? I thought about something that could be used a few times a week to daily, that wouldn’t interfere and could even enhance when things weren’t so great. 

I wasn’t even thinking about using it for the joys of pregnancy (because no one really talks frank about this stuff) until I got into my second trimester. It can get real cranking down there, loads of hormones making everything just a wee bit complicated. Most women experience yeast infections during this time and thankfully, I had my trusty little friend, that I keep in the shower as well as the bedroom. 

As you know, I am super meticulous about my ingredients, the base of Constant Gardener is a mix of Jojoba oil, Olive Oil and Avocado oil. This creates a viscous yet slippery type of feel, however, note that these oils CAN and will break down condoms. If this is a concern for you, than consider using this after sex, not during.

What makes my products different from others on the market, is that they consist of whole plant extracts, not just parts and pieces. This means that you are getting most all of the active ingredients that the plant has to offer. I will break down a few of the key ones I use in the product so you can get as excited as I do.

Most of our plant allies contain antimicrobial constituents, which is, oh so fabulous, and allows us to use them for a myriad of things. Rose is quite amazing for lady bits, not only is is antimicrobial but it is also an astringent, which means it helps to tone and tighten tissue. This can help restore our vaginal tissue after birth, for example. 

St. John’s Wort oil, aka The Red Elixir, is one of my absolute favorite oils to keep in my first aid kit. It is one of just a few oils that needs to be made from fresh plants, the deep red color of the resin from the flowers are extracted into the oil and can be used for wounds. It works like magic helping to repair skin and also soothe inflammation, BUT did you know that it has also been used a vaginal suppository! For real- click HERE to see what I am talking about! They actually sell a product on the market that helps to alleviate vaginal discharge and heal minor wounds, so of course I added my own St. Johns Wort oil. It is considered an invasive weed here in the PNW and fortunately, grows everywhere so I always make a batch every year.

Sea Buckthorn oil is another one of my favorites and it is also bright red. Its a powerhouse of antioxidants for the skin, but on the vagina is helps with dryness with its rich Omega-7s, making it fabulous for my post menopausal and dry gals. 

Chamomile has a fantastic study done with a cream and gel made from chamomile (Bosak, et al, 2020). The plant contains phytoestrogens and they compared it to other estrogen vaginal creams on the market. The conclusions is that the chamomile cream and gel worked fabulously for painful sexual intercourse and increased satisfaction, specifically for post menopausal women in the study, but this obviously applies broadly as well. 

Lastly, if you read my earlier article on my intentional use of essential oils, I do use just a hint of essential oils in this product. For one, because they don’t need to be used in large doses to be very effective (hello to our EO friend, lavender) but if you happen to have this product in your mouth, you won’t be disgusted with an overwhelmingly floral taste :) 

So there you have it, tell your vag, “you’re welcome” from me. Enjoy ladies (and gents! because, yes, it is quite nice for dudes also).



bottle of Flower and Bone Constant Gardener Vulvar Oil

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