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do the right thing

September 09, 20211 min read

It is hard to show up and always do the right thing, especially when it comes to food choices. Even with all the education I have gained over the years, it doesn’t always means that I do everything perfectly. Because, trust me, I don’t. I make mistakes and do things that I know won’t serve me. I know what that feels like, the shame, guilt and regret that we carry when we “mess up”.

But what I hope to teach and inspire is that “messing up” isn’t really messing up, unless you don’t also see the lessons that are being offered to you. That when we “mess up” it’s actually an opportunity to reach out to reflect on our goals and see how what we did didn’t serve us. This is an opportunity to listen to our bodies. We need to sometimes feel bad to understand how to feel good.

We can forgive ourselves and also still commit to our goals. That just because we didn’t follow the plan we were hoping for, the body can be SO incredibly resilient; we can get back on track and feel good again. That’s actually the perfect place to reach out to a coach for guidance and support, especially a coach who has been there and understands how you are feeling and why. When you need someone to help you reroute when you feel like you took a wrong turn and give you the directions to get back on track.

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xo, heather

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