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September 20, 20225 min read

We took a brief pause over here…

…to have a little one join our pack 3 weeks ago, welcome Joseph Dean Barret Wright! He’s going by JD or Dean and we are, oh so, in love!

beautiful, healthy newborn baby boy

I wanted to share a little bit of my recovery journey for some of you who might be interested or want to share it with some other moms-to-be who would find it useful.

We had to have a C-section due to a surgery I had on my uterus last year to remove fibroids, which allowed us to welcome this little one into the world. The C-section was such a strange process for sure, but I was glad that we had such an amazing team at our hospital. I must say, I found it much easier to pull a small child out of my uterus than 2.5lbs of fibroids, so glad that I was prepped for the recovery.


I made a ton of bone broth and herbal teas to have as soon as I able to, I was a little nauseous, so the broth was really nice to help soothe my stomach without needing to eat anything. I like to use a mix of local, pastured turkey necks and chicken feet and add in herbs like astragalus, Reishi mushroom, seaweed and eleuthro which are great immune boosting and adaptogens. I ended up fasting from the night prior, due to surgery protocol and into the day after the birth, which was a 36hr fast. There are some amazing studies that show how fasting can speed up healing directly after surgery, but I was sure to not make it last too long so that I could give myself some nourishing foods as well. The broth is a fabulous combo of both, it’s a great remedy for anyone who is needing some extra nutrients.


I made a motherwort, gotu kola, Hawthorn and Fennel infused tea with lemon. The motherwort is a great after birth herb that helps the uterus to recover, as well as helping with lactation. The gotu kola is a fabulous herb to help heal organs and tissues after injury or surgery and is a tonic herb the uterus and connective tissue. Hawthorn supports the blood vessels and circulation and fennel calms upset stomach and is great for lactation.


I have been using two topicals and oil and the HEALING SCAR BALM to help with my incision. The oil is made from fresh St. Johns wort oil which is fabulous for bruising, swelling and also nerve damage from the surgery. I slather the fresh St. Johns Wort oil, which is al lovely deep red color and then layer nice and think on top of that the heal scar balm. I also gently rubbed the balm on my stomach to help with the uterus contracting and scar tissue. I do this at least once a day up to twice and cover it with a piece of wool flannel to protect my underwear and pants until its absorbed.


I used the RESTORATIVE BELLY BUTTER during the whole pregnancy on my belly, butt, thighs, breasts and anywhere else that seemed to grow :) During the last trimester I was using it daily and at 43 yrs old I am thankful to say that my skin was glowing and supple the whole time. Recovery I am also using it as well all over to help my skin shrink back with great results! Love shea butter and all the nourishing herbs which, by slathering up, also works to calm the nervous system as well.


For little bae, instead of bathing right away, I am using a cleansing water mixture that we spray and/or mostly wipe on him to clean him up from diaper changes and spit up. The mixture is easy and smells amazing: Quart of hot water, 2 TSP of salt and quart of Rosewater. Let the salt dissolve in the hot water and once dissolve pour off, letting the mineral bits settled to the bottom (don’t let them get into the main bottle, since they can clog the sprayer). Then add the rosewater. Done and done! Put it in a spray bottle and you are good to go. The cleansing oil is a rift off of the Miracle Ski Facial Oil, minus the carrot seed oil and infused with the baby herbs. I am working out, if I want to add these to the FBS line yet. Let me know if you’d be interested and I will add it in.


Lastly, I finally get to see the BABY BUNS HEALING BALM in action! Its been amazing at reducing redness within hours from chaffing and diaper rash. As more of a preventative, have been alternating between the Cleansing Oil I made and the BABY BUNS HEALING BALM when changing him, after wiping him with the Cleansing water mixture above. I rub the balm in between my hands to warm it up and get it to a liquid state on my hands and rub it all over his bum and baby parts, making sure to get it in the thighs as well. It’s also great for little scratches when his gloves fall off. This balm can actually be a great go too for any kind of boo boo since it’s safe for kiddos of any age

Well that’s the skinny for us right now, besides trying to get as much sleep as possible. I am also doing tons of lactation recipes- teas and meals. If you want anymore tips or info on supportive herbs or recipes, I am here to help!

Sending lots of love to you all and hope you are heading into a gorgeous fall!



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