Farms & Suppliers We Support

Because we vote with our dollar.

Because supporting small businesses and farms who are doing things sustainably, as well as in the best interest of the people and communities they support, is super important.

OSHALA FARM, Applegate, OR

Oshala is a certified organic family farm that uses regenerative, sustainable cultivation practices in their herb cultivation. They are stewards of the land, farming with generations to come, in mind.

PURE JOJOBA Family Farm, Dateland, AZ

They’ve spent over two decades perfecting the cultivation of jojoba—starting back when the owners father purchased the farm in 1980 in the Sonoran Desert. The children do a lot to help out on the farm, processing, delivery and sales and they also keep up the blog, Straight from the Seed. Their cultivated Jojoba plants are 100% organic. That means no pesticides or harsh chemicals, and anything leftover is completely biodegradable. They also use environmentally friendly, recyclable HDPE toxin-free bottles and pumps as well as glass pumps. No fragrances, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes, alcohols, detergents or preservatives are ever added. They do not test the products on animals.

BARAKA, Ghana, Africa

At Baraka Shea Butter, their purpose is to use business to profitably make a difference in people’s lives; from the hard-working women who make it, to the crafters, businesses and industries that produce great products with it, all the way to the customers who use those products and benefit from the amazing properties of high-quality, pure, unrefined organic shea butter.

The women who make Baraka Shea Butter do everything by hand,
using age-old techniques passed down through generations. Living on the edge of the Sahara with its dry, harsh conditions meant their face, hands, and skin were battered daily by sun, sand, and heat. Centuries of practice has taught them how to extract every bit of goodness from the shea nut. That quality is passed on in every package of Baraka Shea Butter and every product that is made from it.

DURANT Olive Mill, Dayton, OR

Durant Olive Mill is the premier purveyor of Oregon milled Extra Virgin Olive Oil and home to the only Olioteca in the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 2008, Durant Olive Mill is home to 17 acres of olive trees and a state-of-the-art Italian mill. Olive harvest and milling take place each fall with a blend of olives from our own grove and carefully sourced, outstanding growers in Northern California.

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