Inspiring a life well lived

The flowers, plants we grow and forage nourish and heal us, heal our bones and all animals for that matter; taking care of the flowers, plants and earth means taking care of ourselves.

Flower + Bone Supply (FBS) focuses on holistic nutrition and wellness lifestyle experiences, through services, workshops, products and events that help bring people back into balance while also supporting local communities and small businesses.

When choosing raw ingredients, we try to source as local as possible and try to support like minded small businesses or fair trade, as the case for our Shea Butter from Ghana. Making sure the products we use are as meticulously chosen as the foods we eat; the herbs and oils are regeneratively and ethically harvested or grown. We choose to support good stewards of the earth and we are working to reduce our plastic and waste consumption and output.

We enjoy immersing clients into local tastes, flavors, and products that support our communities and planet. Host events that include organic and local food, how to prep it and what to eat, as well as workshops geared towards holistic lifestyle choices that include stress reduction, movement, community connections and simple shifts that can have the biggest impact to health. FBS looks to show clients simple, slow, awe inspiring moments and celebrations; a life well lived.

Our overarching philosophy is one of intuition, teaching clients how to tap in and listen to their bodies signals. We share a platform based on education, inspiration and time to explore the questions when it comes to your wellness goals.


A sanctuary to inspire daily rituals and community connections in order to help you lead your healthiest, energetic, authentic and balanced life.

Flower & Bone Supply is a holistic wellness resource for the local community and beyond. We help inspire our clients daily rituals and lifestyles so that they may live more balanced lives. We are about an authentic communion with your spirit, your body and the world around you.


Inspiring a life well lived.

Flower & Bone Supply hopes to inspire transformation and connection through holistic wellness experiences, that is in alignment with the people as well as the planet, so that we may lead our healthiest, balanced and fullest life. To allow people to get back in touch with a simpler way to live that is also in harmony with the earth and also enjoy it!

© Flower and Bone Supply 2024

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© Flower and Bone Supply 2024

All Rights Reserved